Kirstens minde


Dear Hans Peter,

Thank you for letting me know that Kirsten has gone to be with the angels.

I know she used to talk about the time when she could be with her mother again. I hope they are in each other's arms now.

I am enclosing the only pictures I have of our trips through California and Hawaii this was 30 years ago.

She came into my life at a time when I really needed a friend.

She helped me to enjoy meeting new people and she encouraged me to spend time with a woman I had just met.

In four years I would marry that woman, I could never thank Kirsten enough.

She wrote me about you and your vacations, it sounds like the two of you had some wonderful adventures.

I'm so happy that you came into her life and shared those times together.

I will miss her, but I too have wonderful memories of our time together and my life is richer because of her.

You are a lucky man to have lived your life with Kirsten.

I'm sorry for your loss. I hope the funeral was a celebration of all the good times and people she has known.